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The Value of Plants in the Office

Just a few well-chosen plants can quickly enhance the appearance of an office.

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Home and Office Plant Service

Horticall provides professional interior plant care service for the office and  home.  If you need help selecting new plants and containers we have a complete selection and can make appropriate recommendations.

Already have  interior plants?  We can provide expert care and you'll soon see a noticeable improvement.
Interior plant care is all we do - and we've been providing our services since 1982.

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Professional Interior Plant Service for the Dallas, Plano and Richardson Areas

For Home or Office since 1983. Serving the Dallas Metroplex area. Call (972) 690-1001

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Top Quality Plants and Decorative Containers

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House Calls for Sick Plants

Plants in Trouble? Call Us

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Do you have a sick plant at your home or office?

Here's a brief diagnostic key to help get you in the right direction for recovery:

Interior plants are very effective in cleaning our indoor air

Consider including several of the following plants when creating your office or home environment.
These are some of the best ...

How do plants clean our air?

Our interior air can be toxic. Indoor plants have a remarkable ability to cleanse the air we breathe.

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