Why is My Plant Sick?

Choose which #1 statement below best describes your plant. Continue to choose which statement matches your problem.

Older (lower, or interior) leaves showing a problem

2  Leaves quickly turning yellow and falling off

•  The newest leaves are getting smaller and smaller, or the plant has stopped growing at all
Insufficient light

•  There appears to be new growth.  Leaves are developing to normal size but appear wilted
Insufficient water

2  Leaves are off-color, but not quickly turning yellow

•  Leaves are pale green.  Leaf veins my remain darker green
→  plant needs some fertilizer

•  Very fine dust-like particles on the leaf underside.  A fine webbing may be noticed where the leaf attaches to the stem
→ May be a pest – Spider mites

Newer leaves showing a problem

•  Leaves with straw-colored patches, sometime brown or black
→  Sunburn

•  Leaves turning brown and wilted
→   Plant possibly over-watered

•  White cotton-like substance on the underside of the leaves.
→  Mealybugs

•  Small brown spots surrounded with a yellow-bronze halo developing
→  Fluoride damage

Insufficient light
Light level too low
Insufficient water
Insufficient water
Fertilizer needed
Fertilizer needed