House Call for Sick Plants

We make a House Call for sick plants
Call us at (972) 690-1001
Occasionally we have a sick interior plant.  Often due to their surrounding environmental conditions,
but sometimes because of their care.
Often a single house call for your sick plant can put your plant back on the road to recovery.
In the next tab are some photos of common problems of interior plants.  Most problems are related to light, watering,
pests or nutrition.

"John was so informative and patient with my plant ignorance.
He was prompt, professional, knowledgeable and educational. Highly recommend"  - Nicole


"John is a plant whisperer - he re-potted and staked some large plants that had become too big to handle and helped me
re-locate them for better light and overall appeal.   John has a genuine love for plants and is an all-round gentleman.
I know he will be my first call for any future indoor plant challenges!"   - Fiona